Clients who have moved to their next level include pre-revenue start-ups, owners transferring responsibility to their teams or the second generation owners, leaders of publicly traded corporations and non-profit agencies.

The client work below describes the range of clients and the issues worked on with them.

The result is a focus on the 12 Drivers of Value, making improvements that stabilize businesses, help them scale, and position them for growth and successful transitions of staff, leadership and ownership.

Publicly Traded Corporations

From Aerospace to Consumer Products, Entertainment to Gaming, and more…
Guided leaders and teams of complex global organizations in advancing their capabilities as leaders and managers and teammates, taking their personal results and their organization to its next level. From acting as a business sounding board to CEOs and COOs and as a personal coach to executives, to facilitating complex management retreats that completely restructure business strategy and operations,

Linda artfully educates and transfers new skills and systems and tools – breaking through old habits and positional thinking to new collaborations that create innovative solutions with everyone’s buy-in along with both more enjoyment and increased bottom line results.

With hyper-growth companies, Linda guides her clients through the process mapping of business activities to ensure transparency, accountability, efficiencies, and excellence in work performance.

Closely-Held Companies

Global Experience Design
Worked with partners of fast-growing 8-figure leading design and production agency creating immersive, content driven experiences for brands and companies around the world. Assessed and identified 21 critical operations improvement projects that were undertaken over 18-months. Then focused on stabilizing the culture and stabilization leadership and management capabilities that supported 60% growth globally. Worked with individual leaders in the company in improving their workforce management, developing and installing practices to manage operations to meet growth targets. Guided and facilitated new meetings that resulted cross functionals planning and collaborative problem-solving. Coached individual leaders as they took on increasing responsibilities.

Specialty Consumer Products
Guided partners of fast-growing high-6-figure neoprene bag products to focus their market, formalize their growth plans and to reorganize operations to meet over 100% annual growth targets. Established regular financial forecasting and reporting activity to increase control over inventory and production. Installed cross functionals planning and calendaring to better synchronize online and offline marketing plans with product development and launches. Realigned staff to improve information flow, customer services, and speed of implementation.

Holistic Nutritionist
Worked with owner of fast-growing 6-figure information products and coaching business to reorganize operations to meet 300% annual growth. Established activity costing to enable home study programs and product development and launch planning. Realigned operations to shift low value non-creative operations to highly reliable out-sourced marketing and back-office services team. Coached owner  in installing planning and performance tracking activities.

Equipment Manufacturer
Conducted business analysis to identify reasons for stalled sales. Assisted owner in realigning management team; coached owner and managers in assuming planning responsibilities; guided owner and sales manager through customer research and development of their first formal sales and marketing plans in 28 years.

Luxury Goods Transportation Services
Worked with owner to differentiate roles and responsibilities, increase the effectiveness of staff capabilities and refine business growth plans, identify and implement work process improvements.

Software Design Company
Guided owner in focusing management attention to support anticipated product sales growth of 400 percent over 12 months. Developed operating plan to direct hiring and development of new technology and service staff. Established achievable growth goals and cash management strategies. Positioned client for acquisition.

Hardware & Software Testing
Led business partners through activities to improve productivity and make company ready for sale. Reorganized functional responsibilities, hired key project management staff, and put job descriptions, position ladders, and performance management in place. Instituted project planning and management. Sale successfully transacted.

Professional Corporation
Facilitated partner and associate retreat to establish criteria for a transition plan from founding partners to second generation. In conjunction with developing the firm’s first marketing and financial plans, coached new partners on assuming management and marketing responsibilities.

Agencies & Publicly Traded Corporations

Licensed Promotional Products
Assisted $200 million corporation in initiating new business processes and team building among senior management. Designed / facilitated senior management team building retreats focusing on “acquiring a targeted client” to formulate new processes, accountabilities and commitment to achieve corporate goals.

Healthcare Services and Management Provider
Identified system-wide information technology errors in claims processing. Brought on five experienced IS project managers to manage $2 million in projects to improve processing accuracy, and develop marketable products. Changes resulted in successful merger with market leader.

Transportation Agency
Supported work process improvement team in identifying ways to accelerate recruitment and selection process. Conducted work process analysis, mapping and report development. Developed streamlined process which shortened time-to-hire by 57 percent, increased Human Resource Department productivity, and eliminated redundant activities throughout the organization.

Non-Profit Organizations

Multinational Aide Organization
Guided the Business Process Re-engineering team in an eight month process to redesign key processes. The analyses of 20 core stages of work identified $1.2M in potential costs savings through automation and streamlining of manual activities. Recommended process changes that could eliminate up to more than 25% of the manual steps, and shorten record processing time by 30% within one year.

Multiple Agencies
Worked with Executive Directors and Boards of Director to identify critical issues for each organization. Developed agendas for retreats, guided discussions and follow-up planning meetings, taking organizations from concept through strategic and operating planning to accountable work plans.